BFBS Player

BFBS Player
Entertain and Inform ... Anywhere

You can access the BFBS Player if you have a Defence Gateway login here

Note: If you are viewing the BFBS Player while in the UK, due to programme rights agreements, you will only have access to the Forces TV channel and BFBS radio services.

On-Line and Off-Line, Live and On Demand Media

  • Delivers TV & Radio programmes, Movies, Music, Newspapers and Magazines to BYOD and communal TV viewing anywhere
  • Designed for serving personnel and dependants
  • Multiple devices per user plus family accounts
  • Legally cleared content for Personal Media Devices from British broadcasters, sporting bodies and Hollywood
  • Industry compliant Digital Rights Management (DRM) including media encryption

Internet Delivery

  • Available for connected locations using the public internet (broadband) for Live TV and Radio
  • Live and time-zone adjusted live viewing 20+ TV channels and 30 radio stations
  • Catchup TV to watch when connected and for download
  • Additional exclusive on demand content to watch when connected and for download

Isolated Location On Demand Delivery

  • For disconnected locations or IP bandwidth less than 1Mbps per user device (e.g. ships, submarines, FOBs, expeditionary and austere)
  • Local BFBS Media server (edge server) connected to local IP infrastructure
  • Pre-populated with hundreds of hours of media and programmes prior to deployment
  • Physical media updates on disc caddies, USB Flash drives delivered regularly via BFPO
  • Capture and refresh from live broadcasts if connected to BFBS satellite
  • Top up and refresh media files via any internet connectivity, either permanent or opportunistic, (e.g. 3G/4G, satellite internet, local WiFi)
  • End user access points use IP, including IP over existing coax cable and WiFi (where permitted)
  • Unique "Sync & Charge" media transfer and device charging where WiFi is not permitted
  • Designed for round the clock duty patterns, device always re-loaded ready for downtime
  • Live TV to BYOD over Wifi if connected to BFBS TVRO satellite dish
  • Solutions designed for different users environments